For Students

Therapy Internships/Clinical Training Opportunities:

For those students who are interested in graduate studies, or just want some hands-on experience in Counselling, Psychology. Therapy or the Social Work Field, then you will want to consider an internship at a local clinic to help you gain skills, experience and possibly a reference for future schooling and work.  

There are several clinics that allow students to join them for an internship or externship, some are listed below.

Please contact them directly to learn more and arrange your own opportunities – I do not offer this.

  • The Family Resource Centre offers paid internship opportunities to assist their Counsellors and Facilitators in running programs for teens, parents and families in the community.
  • The Counselling Centre sometimes will take on students interested in going to school for or working as a therapist, allowing you to shadow their counsellors in psychotherapy groups and programs they run.
  • The Wellness Centre offers an opportunity to gain experience and get certified in Applied Behavioral Analysis to work with persons with Autism and Developmental Disorders.
  • Hope Academy Mental Heath Services may also have internships/training available for students in Applied Behavioral Analysis for working with persons with developmental disabilities, e.g.: Autism.
  • The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority will sometimes take on students in the Mental Health Departments and can often provide internships for students in Graduate, Nursing or Medical School.
  • The Cayman Islands Crisis Center offers a chance to assist women and children in Domestic Violence situations and need volunteers for a variety of tasks and programs.
  • The National Drug Council looks for volunteers to assist with educational programs in schools to teach children and youth about the dangers of drug use as well as administering the National Student Drug Use survey in the schools every other year – great opportunity for clinical and research experience while bettering Cayman!

Your Therapy Career:

There are many different ways to get into a “Helping Profession” where you will be providing therapy.  Articles below can assist with these decisions and the process to get a degree and get licensed.

Reports about Cayman:

As you are writing papers in school, the following reports can help you get a better understanding of the current state of Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services in Cayman.

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