Mental Health Matters Radio Show 2017

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Check the schedule below to see who will be joining host Mr. Sterling Dwayne Ebanks and myself each month for 2017:

Topic, Date and Guests

New Beginnings: Letting Go and Looking Forward

January 9th

Health, Beauty and Body Image

February 6th

Communication 101: Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution

March 6th 

Child Abuse and Violence: Impact across the Lifetime and Treatments available

April 3rd

Sociocultural Impacts on Mental Health

May 1st

Love and Sex: Building Trust, Respect and Intimacy

June 5th

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Issues in Cayman

July 24th

Mood Disorders and Suicide: Signs and Symptoms, Risk Factors, Treatment and Preventative Measures

August 7th

Substance Use, Abuse and Mental Health

September 4th

Mental Health Services and Decreasing Stigma

October 2nd

Anxiety Disorders: Types, Treatments and Self-Care

November 6th

Positive Psychology: Gratitude and Mindfulness

December 4th 

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