Mental Health Matters Radio Show 2019


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Check the schedule below to see who will be joining host Mr. Sterling Dwayne Ebanks and myself each month for 2019:

Topic, Date and Guests

Self-Reflection: Precursor to Success

January 7th

The Chemical Imbalance: CBD Oil and Medications in Mental Health

February 4th

Persons with Special Needs in Cayman: Assessment & Support

March 4th 

Cognitive Distortions and Eating: Dangers of Extreme Thinking and Dieting

April 1st

Family Violence: Identification, Reporting, Intervention, Prevention

May 6th

Importance of Empathy in Today’s World: Culture, Diversity and Mental Health

June 3rd

Emotional Intelligence: How to raise your EQ

July 8th

Transitions, Change and the Impact on Mental Health

August 5th

Drug Use Trends in Cayman: What’s New? What’s Changed? What Can We Do?

September 2nd

Life After Prison: Mental Health Needs for Prisoners and their Transition back into the Community

October 7th *Rescheduled to 21st October*

Building Relationships at Work and In Life

November 3rd

Mental Illness Spotlight: “Psychosis and Psychotic Disorders” & UCCI Social Sciences Student Panel

December 2nd

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