Helpful Resources

For more information, check out these sites:

For more Information on Mental Illness, How to Cope, How to Help and When to Seek Treatment:

(These are my current go-tos but I will add to the list as I find more. Enjoy!)

General Information:

Information on Substance Abuse (Drugs):

  • On the Wagon – great resource for information on drinking, drug use, types of drugs and how to get help

Information on Suicide: 

  • Suicide Prevention Lifeline – U.S.-based; Information for persons in crisis, struggling with suicidal thoughts or friends or family members of persons dealing with suicidal thoughts/urges
  • Samaritans – U.K.-based; Information for persons in crisis, struggling with suicidal thoughts or friends or family members of persons dealing with suicidal thoughts/urges
  • Wake Forest University – great resource for information on How to Identify Signs of Suicidality, Prevention, Intervention and Additional Info


  • GET Self Help – great worksheets to help you understand what’s going on and tools to help you work through it.
  • GSU Guided Relaxation Exercises and Meditations –  a variety of relaxing exercises and mindfulness meditations with downloadable audio tracks (mp3) and printable copies.
  • Gratitude Journal – a journal to take note of 5 things that went well each day. By focusing on the positive, we begin to see more positive things and feel more positive each day! It is a fun exercise to do on the worksheet provided in the link or in your own notebook. (*Mine is pink with flowers! :)*)
  • Positive Steps to Wellbeing – a worksheet that outlines coping skills for managing stress and improving wellbeing.
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation is considered the most powerful relaxation exercise as it involves tensing and releasing of the different muscle groups in the body.  This worksheet outlines a simple way for effective practice of this technique.
  • Sleep Hygiene Worksheet – for a printable copy of tips to help you get a better night’s sleep.  I also outline these tips in my post.
  • STOPP Worksheet – A great overview of Cognitive Restructuring to help you respond to situations in a more balanced way by changing your thoughts.


  • – awesome interaction checker for persons taking multiple medications

Reports about Cayman:

*For anonymous support 24/7 in Cayman call CICC Hotline at 943-2422*

**For emergencies Dial 911 or go to the emergency room for immediate assistance.**


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