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Sometimes You Have to Jump.

Jumping is great. But terrifying.  When you jump a horse, there are many things that have to take place in order to properly prepare and then overcome a jump in the arena.  Horse and rider must have a certain level of trust between them to leave the ground together, pass over an obstacle and land on the other side.  In a similar way, sometimes in life we have to set ourselves up as best as we can then trust that we have what we need to make it through.

I do not generally write about my personal experiences but a series of recent events have led me to reflect on just how scary but also rewarding it can be to take risks in life.  It is only when we leave our comfort zone that we are able to see what we are truly made of and what we are able to accomplish.  What we were meant to accomplish.

In the past year, I have resigned from one of my jobs, started my own business, got engaged, got married, hired three employees, took up a new sport and adopted a kitten (to go along with my two dogs and cat).  Each one was terrifying to start, exciting (and at times frustrating) going through and then hugely rewarding once I made it, both in the achievement and the recognition that I am far stronger, resilient and entrepreneurial than I ever imagined.

So often we get caught up in our day to day activities and we lose sight of our goals, dreams and the big picture. Or we fight our circumstances because the path we are on does not seem to be leading to the dream we were hoping for.  Each day and each new situation is an opportunity for growth and to add to your journey and evolution.  It is important to focus on the moment, seek out information and resources and then move forward.  It is not always the “right” move, but we make the best decision we can in each situation, and we learn from it, for better or for worse, for the next time.  Keep focused and keep moving forward.

The good news is that with each new situation and challenge, it gets easier to face the next.  We get new information, more experience with the problem-solving process and more confidence that we will be able to take on whatever the next step may be.  Also, being flexible and open-minded with our dreams and goals, allows us to make the most of unexpected circumstances and opportunities.  For example, the Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy I now offer at my practice, started with a conversation with a friend at my stables a few years ago and it has been a great way of merging my two passions of Horses and Psychology.

This past year I also lost two dear friends unexpectedly.  This was a reminder to me of the importance of practicing what I preach, slowing down and taking time to enjoy each day and the time I have with friends and loved ones.  Everyday is an opportunity to live the life that you want to live and to take that next step towards your goals and dreams.  Prepare as best as you can, then go for it!

Ready. Set. Breathe. Then Jump!

-Dr. Bodden

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