Mental Health Matters Radio Show 2016

Radio Cayman MHM October

Mental Health Matters is a monthly show facilitated by Radio Cayman that hosts panel discussions on various topics related to Mental Health.  I have been fortunate to assist with the development of the show and always enjoy the great discussions that we have, both from panelists and from listeners who call or email in.  I thank the community for the support of this show because Mental Health Matters. 🙂

Check the schedule below to see who joined host Mr. Sterling Dwayne Ebanks and myself each month for 2016:

2016 Schedule

New Year, New You: Setting and Keeping Goals

January 4th

Under Pressure: Impact of Social Pressure on Self-Esteem, Relationships and Identity

February 12th

Social Workers as Part of the Treatment Team

March 7th

Child Abuse and Family Violence: Biological, Psychological and Social Influences

April 4th

Alcohol and Substance Abuse in our Youth

May 2nd

Love and Sex: Sexual Identity, Expression and Health

June 6th

Building Resilience: Culture and Transgenerational Transmission

July 11th

Effective Parenting in the New Millenia – Even the Apps for That!

August 1st

Depression and Suicide in Teens

September 5th

Mental Illness 101: Intro to Diagnosis and Treatment

October 3rd (*World Mental Health Day is 10/10/2016*)

Dealing with Difficult People

November 7th

Spirituality and Health

December 5th


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