Mental Health Matters Radio Show 2018

Mental Health Matters is a monthly show facilitated by Radio Cayman that hosts panel discussions on various topics related to Mental Health.  The show airs on the first Monday of every month (other than public holidays) from 12:13pm to 1:30pm.  I have been fortunate to assist with the development of the show and always enjoy the great discussions that we have, both from panelists and from listeners who call or email in.  I thank the community for the support of this show because Mental Health Matters. 🙂

To reach out to Talk Today: Talk Today on Radio Cayman

For more information on past shows: Mental Health Matters 2017Mental Health Matters 2016Mental Health Matters 2015

Check the schedule below to see who will be joining host Mr. Sterling Dwayne Ebanks and myself each month for 2018:

Topic, Date and Guests

Secrets to Success: Personal & Professional Development

January 8th

#MeToo: Sexual Harassment & Sexual Assault Awareness

February 5th

Nutrition & Self-Care in Mental Health

March 5th 

Religion, Spirituality & Mental Health

April 2nd

Deviance, Crime & Psychopathy

May 7th

The Importance of the Father in Parenting

June 4th

Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation: What does it mean? And how do I talk to my kids about it?

July 9th

Careers in Mental Health: What’s the difference? How do I do that?

August 6th

Psychology of Aging: Alzheimer’s & Dementia

September 3rd

; The Story Continues: Suicide & Self-Harm in Our Youth

October 1st

Animals in Mental Health

November 4th

Supporting a Loved One with Mental Health Concerns through the Holidays

December 3rd 

**To provide us feedback on the show or ideas for upcoming shows, please complete our survey or contact me by phone at 745-6464 or email at

Thanks for listening!


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