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New Group Programmes Starting this Fall for Adults and Teens!

I am excited to announce that we will be offering 2 new groups beginning in September! (Next week!) If you are interested, let us know. You can start at any time within the period that they are offered. All you have to do is give us a call and let us know you’re interested. See you there! ūüôā

Teen Talk Support Group

ConÔ¨Ādential support group for young people from 15-18 years old. Group therapy provides an effective way to tackle life‚Äôs problems with the support of a peer group. Teen Talk Group focuses on issues speciÔ¨Āc to adolescents: independence, healthy relationships, school, peer pressure, self-esteem, identity, difÔ¨Āculties with mood and anxiety. Join us in a safe space to talk with other teens to learn to understand yourself and others better and develop healthy coping skills. Sessions facilitated by Dr. Alexandra Bodden, Clinical Psychologist.

Cost: $200.00 for 4 sessions

When: Monday Evenings 4:30-5:30 PM

Dates: September 7th-October 26th 2015

Where: BHAC, Hospital Road Plaza, George Town Drop-in Cost per session: $55.00

Stress Less Group

Gain skills and tools to manage stress and increase happiness. If you are an adult, feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed, this group is for you. Topics will include understanding your own unique stress, the importance of values and beliefs in stress, learning hands-on techniques to reduce stress and developing a personalized action plan for managing stress. Learn how to put yourself at the top of your own priority list. Sessions co-facilitated by Dr. Alexandra Bodden, Clinical Psychologist, and Heather Lockhart, Professional Life Coach.

Cost: $200.00 for 4 sessions

When: Thursdays 12:00 Noon-1:00PM

Dates: September 3th-October 29th 2015

Where: BHAC, Hospital Road Plaza, George Town

Drop-in Cost per session: $55.0o


How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep.

In today‚Äôs fast-paced world, sleep has become¬†more of a luxury than a necessity. ¬†Our bodies need sleep to process what has happened today and to recharge energy resources to fuel us tomorrow. ¬†Here are some¬†steps you can take to increase your chances of getting a good night’s sleep:

  • Set the Mood¬†‚Äď Your bedroom should be dark, cool and quiet. This is optimal for your body to relax and stay asleep. ¬†Turn off electronics such as computer, phone and television. ¬†Electronics can be distracting and the blue lights on them can make it more difficult to go to sleep and stay asleep – and we all know what happens when the phone pings ;). ¬†A spray of Lavender on the pillow can be soothing and a noise machine to mask other noises may be helpful. Read more

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