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Horse-Powered Life Skills Group

BHAC and Cowboy Town Stables have teamed up to offer Horse-Powered Life Skills workshops for teens!

Come on down to the barn to learn about yourself and enhance Life Skills such as Communication and Leadership!

*No Horse or Riding Experience Necessary.

*All Activities are Done on Foot on the Ground.

Teenage Guys and Gals Ages 13-18 years

Workshops offered the last Saturday of each month 3:00pm to 5:00pm!

At Cowboy Town Stables – 160 Lottery Road – Lower Valley

Cost:  $75.00 per person per meeting

Sessions facilitated by EAGALA certified facilitators: Dr. Alexandra Bodden, Clinical Psychologist, and Ms. Shanna Pandohie, Equine-Specialist.

For more information or to register, contact Shanna Pandohie at 916-8571 or shanna@cowboytownstables.com

Or Alexandra Bodden at 746-0074 or abodden@bhac.ky

See You There!


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