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Want to Improve Your Memory?

It has been believed for centuries that as we grow older, our brain functions continue to deteriorate, which also impacts and weakens our memory. However, recent medical research and experiments have proved that our brain has the ability to grow new neurons, even as we age, a process known scientifically as neuroplasticity. The mental health of a person depends vastly on how active the person is – physically and mentally. If you keep forgetting things too quickly, or have noticed a sharp decline in your mental health in terms of memory recently, it is time to make some really important changes in your lifestyle to help sharpen and improve your memory.


However, before we go into ways to improve memory, it is essential to address the reasons that can lead to weak memory. The main reasons are primarily associated with the modern lifestyle people lead today, which includes sleeplessness, overwhelming stress, poor diet, chemical exposure, and so on. But, you can reverse the damage and even trigger the growth of new cells in your brain by following the techniques mentioned below –

  • Staying physically and mentally active is probably the best way to keep your brain functioning well for a long time. Even if you do not have any complaints with your memory, staying active will help in stimulating the brain cells and producing new neurons.
  • Whether it is home or office, staying organized can help in keeping your brain organized as well. Keeping a special diary for all your appointments and to-do lists, and reading it out a few times while writing it can help in embedding the task to your memory.
  • Stay close to your friends and family, and socialize as often as you can. It helps in keeping stress, worries and depression at bay, which are known to be the primary reasons behind memory loss.
  • Sleeping for a minimum of 7 to 8 hours each day is essential for your brain to consolidate and process your memories. So, do not compromise on your sleep, and if you are suffering from issues, such as insomnia or depression, you can always go for medical counselling or to a psychiatrist for help.
  • There are many brain games and puzzles that can be played frequently to give the brain, some creativity and activity to feed on. The brain needs continuous stimulus to stay active and rejuvenated. There are many online venues where one can play brain games, and one can even try Mnemonic devices that can help your brain coordinate and process information in a well coordinated manner. It also helps in fragmenting the memories, so that the process of memorizing and remembering becomes much easier.
  • What you eat plays a vital role in improving your memory. Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables can help provide the body and the brain with sufficient ingredients to recharge and stay young.

There are numerous other factors that contribute in improving your memory, but the above mentioned points are the fundamental factors that can help revitalize and rejuvenate your brain functioning. It would not only help to improve your memory, but would also help you lead a better and healthier lifestyle.  If you still have concerns or notice that your memory continues to worsen, then follow up with a medical or mental health professional for further assessment and assistance.

By MentalPress; Modified by Dr. Alexandra Bodden



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