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Assertiveness – The Art of Effective Communication

This post builds from my previous one on Fair Fighting but now we look more explicitly at our role in conflicts and social situations in general.  As social creatures, humans tend to spend a lot of time interacting with other persons so making sure that we get our point across well is important.  By “Well” I mean that we express what we would like in a way that is clear and concise, does not compromise our values or self-respect and is done in a way that builds the relationship by allowing the other person to respond in the most helpful way.  If we get more of what we want from a relationship, whatever that may be, eg: love, attention, connections, assistance, then we are more likely to hang around.  Likewise, if the other person gets more of what he/she wants then they are more likely to stay around too.  This Win-Win situation is established through a communication style known as “Assertiveness.” Read more

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Sometimes You Have to Jump.

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Tea for You!

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The Language(s) of Love

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