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Keep the Summertime Vibes Going.

As we return from Summer Holidays and Vacations and transition back to School/Work mode, there are some simple things that we can do to Keep the Summertime Vibes Going:

  1. Reminders: Keep reminders around that trigger positive memories, whether a small token from one of your trips or pictures from a party.  External triggers can help bring us back to a good space even when our energy begins to drop and we start to fall into the “back to school” funk.
  2. Share: Talk about your favourite part of the trip or something that happened that was funny with friends, family, or anyone who will listen. Talking about the memories can help them to feel real again. Even if the the person wasn’t there – many of us enjoy a good story and sharing a laugh or a treasured memory.  Creating a scrapbook or online photo album can be a great way to protect, cherish and share your happy times.
  3. Give Yourself a Break: The Fall can be a tough time with returning to a full time schedule for both kids and adults.  As the days grow shorter we often feel a longing for the sunshine of Summer. This can take a toll emotionally and physically so plan breaks to give yourself time to recoup and make sure to get enough sleep. A short break can help us refresh our energy and clear our minds so that we can continue working and get done what needs to get done so we can get back to what we really want to do. 🙂
  4. Embrace the Best of Fall: While Summer brings many good things, the Fall also has some good stuff that comes with it: pumpkins, turkeys, cooler weather, harvests (fresh fruits and veggies). So start to look for the good things still to come, maybe plan a party or an activity with friends to have something to look forward to, and keep the Summertime Vibes going.


Remember the good times.  Look forward to what is still to come. Ready. Set. Breathe.

-Dr. Bodden

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